What our clients say

"I was involved in the first USA Refining Issues Forum and have continued to participate in it to this day because I find them very valuable. The ability for the leader of each company's refinery EHS organization to have a discussion about the various EHS issues, problems, practices and performance topics that we want to talk about is extremely valuable. The agenda is our agenda and not driven by an industry organization. I also participate regularly in E.Vironment's Chemical Global Issues Forum for the same reasons."

Michael P. Gallagher
H&S and Management
System Assurance

Shell Oil Products USA




James Darnell joins the E.Vironment / SLR Team
E.Vironment is pleased to announce that James Darnell is now a Principal with the E.Vironment / SLR team. With over 28 years of experience working at the facility and corporate levels in Health, Safety and Environment, he has extensive experience in the downstream and upstream oil and gas industry, James provides a seasoned approach to risk-based process safety.

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SLR global environment solutions SLR acquires E.Vironment, LLC
E.Vironment, LLC is pleased to announce that we have recently been acquired by SLR International Corporation (SLR). SLR is an employee-owned, multi-national environmental consulting and engineering company with offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Namibia, and South Africa all of which are part of SLR Holdings Ltd. SLR serves the key business sectors of mining and minerals, energy, industry, waste management, infrastructure, and planning and development.

Please note that E.VironmentGroup.com is no longer being updated and some information may no longer be current.

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Daniel McCoy joins E.Vironment's Senior Consulting & Process Safety Teams
E.Vironment is pleased to announce that Dan McCoy has joined the Senior Consulting Team and Process Safety Team at E.Vironment, LLC. With over 35 years' experience working in manufacturing sites, business units and corporate centers across many areas and functions, Dan's expertise includes effective leadership and facilitation of critical infrastructure risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and audits for process safety and security.

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Barbara A. Carroll joins E.Vironment's Senior Consulting Team
E.Vironment is pleased to announce that Barbara A. Carroll has joined the Senior Consulting Team at E.Vironment, LLC. With over 30 years of industry experience working for multi-national energy and service companies, Barbara's expertise includes the development and implementation of innovative global initiatives.

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Barbara A KurykBarbara A. Kuryk becomes partner
E.Vironment is pleased to announce that Barbara A. Kuryk is now a Partner of E.Vironment, LLC.

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Geoffrey Swett Visits China
E.Vironment serves its client globally in a wide variety of assignments. Supporting the sale and/or purchase of global operations is a cornerstone of our business. During recent site visits to industrial facilities in the Shanghai, Changzhou, Yangzhou and Nanjing areas of the Yangtze river area, E.Vironment partner Geoffrey Swett visited the ancient Town of Zhujiajiaozhen, established more than 1,700 years ago. Zhujiajiaozhen is remarkably well preserved.

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Geoffrey Swett becomes partner
E.Vironment is pleased to announce that Geoffrey Swett is now a Partner of E.Vironment, LLC




On July 23, 2013, E.Vironment's Managing Partner Paul Pizzi was the keynote speaker for a Safety Stand Down Day at Calumet's San Antonio refinery. All refinery employees and embedded contractors attended the Safety Stand Down which was a critical part of Calumet's journey to continuously improve safety awareness and performance across the company.




E.Vironment is proud to announce the addition of Rich Purgason to our Senior Consulting and Process Safety Teams. Click here in order to find out more about Rich.»



E.Vironment's powerful new EMS white paper

E.Vironment was asked to prepare a paper addressing environmental management systems (EMS) for Secretary of Energy Steven Chu's National Petroleum Council's North American Resource Update project. Two of our consultants who are considered leading edge EMS thinkers wrote this paper entitled Environmental Management Systems - Key Issues on Design, Value & Implementation. | View PDF »

The EPA Sights in on the Upstream - Oil & Gas Investor article »

Oil and Gas InvestorWith the EPA'S decision to designate the upstream oil and gas sector a National Enforcement Initiative, many companies must identify the extent of their compliance exposure and develop a plan address their findings.

In the January 2011 issue of Oil & Gas Investor, E.Vironment's John Turley and Geoff Swett offer an overview of National Enforcement Initiatives and their effects on targeted industries. Based on their knowledge of prior EPA actions, Turley and Swett suggest ways for companies to protect and prepare themselves should the EPA focus on them.


E.Vironment at 2011 Texas Safety Conference & Expo »



In his speech, Environmental, Health and Safety Regulatory Initiatives Impacting the Oil and Gas Industry, E.Vironment senior consultant Geoffrey Swett offered his perspective on the new Texas and national air, hydro-fracturing, greenhouse gas and water regulatory and legislative initiatives that are destined to have a far-reaching impact on your future operations. His remarks were delivered at a special event sponsored by the Northside Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section.

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New Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Bulletin addresses the recent Greenhouse Gas (GHG) regulatory developments that will impact the upstream oil & gas industry and provides the US Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) guidance regarding disclosure related to climate change.»


E.Vironment is proud to announce the addition of Geoff Swett to our Senior Consulting Team. Click on his name in order to find out more about Geoff.»






E.Vironment is proud to have been a sponsor of the 11th Annual Sheltering Arms Senior Services Golf Classic held on April 21, 2008.»


We are pleased to announce that John Statzer has joined us as a partner of E.Vironment. 
John worked with the four other E.Vironment partners several years ago at another consulting firm. We are all excited to have John back in the fold. He brings a wealth of experience in industry and in consulting.


E.Vironment is proud to announce the addition of five seasoned professionals to our staff.»




E.Vironment is proud to have been a sponsor of the 10th Annual Willis Rossler Golf Classic benefiting Sheltering Arms Senior Services held on April 13, 2007.

What Sets Us Apart

Issues Forums

E.Vironment has organized and facilitates several “Issues Forums” that are exclusively for the global heads of EHS of leading companies in their respective industries. These forums provide an opportunity for members to discuss issues of critical importance to them, learn how peers are thinking about these issues, emerge with ideas for creatively managing these issues, and form a network of peers that can be consulted informally. We currently facilitate forums for these chemical, refining and upstream companies:

Global Issues Forum

CP Chem
Dow Chemical
Shell Chemical     

Refining Issues Forum

Marathon Petroleum
Shell Refining

Upstream Issues Forum

Marathon Oil
Shell E&P

"These past 4 years I have reduced my participation with most groups previously with which I had engaged and kept it to just two: the Conference Board's Chief EHS Officers Council and the Global Issues Forum. You continue to create value with your organization that makes it worthwhile to participate."

- Leo Hamilton, Director SH&E – DuPont

Process Safety Issues Forum

E.Vironment recently organized a Process Safety Issues Forum for the heads of Process Safety of leading chemical and refining companies. These companies are members of the PSIF, and several more are close to joining.

CP Chem



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