What our clients say

"We at Bracewell - and our clients - have come to rely with great confidence on E.Vironment's professionalism, expertise, responsiveness, and pragmatism. That our interactions are also harmonious and collegial, regardless of the tensions in the underlying project, is a further tribute to your capabilities and outlook."

Kevin A. Ewing
Bracewell & Giuliani LLP


EHS Function Optimization

E.Vironment has led many companies through an evaluation and redesign of their EHS organization to ensure alignment with business strategy and to optimize effectiveness. In most instances we have used our Pathfinder Matrix® to help the senior management team reach consensus and support for strategies that best meet the needs and convictions of the company. The Pathfinder Matrix® has been instrumental in assisting companies define their long term EHS philosophies. And with an executive management team that delivers a consistent and persistent message on company EHS aspirations, the most efficient approaches can be taken to make such aspirations an operational reality.

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