What our clients say

"Your services as a facilitator in our business transformation project in 2003, called Project Hurricane, gave my Health, Environment & Safety organization the opportunity to not only receive the views of someone with years of experience and an objective external view of our business, but also the guidance and drive to keep us 'on track' and attain tangible results in a short period of time."

Daniel J. Sullenbarger
VP Corporate Responsibility
Marathon Oil



We are uniquely qualified to assist your company with EHS management during any type of transaction.  We specialize in managing EHS risks during divestitures, acquisitions, joint ventures and other types of restructurings.  Additionally, we are well known to many of the potential buyers and the banks that will be involved in the potential financing of the acquisition.  Our efforts assist sellers, buyers, and lenders in objectively evaluating the issues and the inherent business risks based on the same information. 

E.Vironment brings unique perspectives and skill sets to a transaction that includes:

  • Seller’s Perspective – Our staff has been conducting sell-side due diligence since the mid-1980s.  We thoroughly understand the objectives and concerns of sellers.
  • Buyer’s Perspective - We bring the ability to evaluate and predict the two or three issues that will be critical to a potential buyer and assist in laying out strategies to manage those issues to the satisfaction of both sides.
  • Financing Perspective – Over the years we have worked closely with most of the large U.S. based and London based banks.  We are well known to them and we have a strong understanding of and the ability to address the financial and legal requirements of the banks and their syndicates.
  • Deal Experience - Our personnel have managed and participated in hundreds of transactions and many of the largest deals over the past 20 years.
  • Facilitated Decision Making - Through our experience we have the ability to articulate issues, evaluate and present alternatives and assist the deal team in deciding on prudent courses of action.


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