What our clients say

"The vast experience and facilitation skills you brought to the task provided us with a perspective we would have otherwise lacked. Additionally, we continue to rely on you and your benchmarking activities to help us understand and communicate industry best practices within our company."

Joel H. Robins
Manager, Safety,
Health, Environment &
Quality Systems

INEOS Olefins &
Polymers USA


Representative Industries & Projects

Representative Downstream Due Diligence

  • Canadian interest in U.S. refining
  • Marathon buyback of Ashland’s 38% interest in JV and the original
  • Marathon Ashland Petroleum JV
  • BP refinery divestitures (Marcus Hook, Lima, Grangemouth & Lavera)
  • ConocoPhillips divestiture (Denver)
  • Phillips/Tosco refining JV
  • Phillips and UDS proposed merger
  • Conoco/Pennzoil Penreco partnership
  • Privatization of the Turkish refining industry
  • Czech Republic refining and petrochemical industry

Representative Chemicals Due Diligence

  • Current large Western European acquisition—confidential
  • Innovene spinoff from BP
  • Lubrizol acquisition of Noveon
  • Chevron/Phillips Chemical JV
  • Sterling Group (all of their deals since 1980s)
  • JV to create the largest carbon black manufacturer in North America
  • Seagrams Wines & Spirits
  • Montell (Montedison/Shell) JV
  • Georgia Gulf acquisition of Condea Vista PVC
  • Warburg acquisition of Wellman Chemicals
  • Privatization of Pemex Petroquimica
  • Dow Chemical/Union Carbide merger
  • Chevron/Phillips Chemical JV

Representative Upstream Due Diligence

  • Confidential acquisition in Kazakhstan
  • CalDive/Remington Oil & Gas merger to form Helix
  • Petrohawk Energy merger with KCS Energy
  • Multiple Goldman Sachs acquisitions including Pacific Energy, Osyka,
  • Phoenix, Ridgeway, Lonestar and Foothills
  • Divestiture of Chief Oil & Gas to Devon Energy
  • EnerVest—EnCap MLP
  • EnerVest acquisitions of CGas, MAK-J, D&J, R*B
  • Foundation acquisitions of Paladin, Senora, Explorer and KJS
  • Lime Rock acquisitions of Endeavor and SDX Resources

Representative Midstream Due Diligence

  • Eagle Rock acquisition of Oneok Gas Processing assets
  • Dominion Gas acquisition from Sonat
  • Divestiture of Sago midstream assets to West Texas Gas
  • Salt dome storage project (confidential)
  • Gas re-injection project in NY (confidential)

Representative International Upstream Oil & Gas Due Diligence

  • EHS evaluation of Marathon Oil operations in Equitorial Guinea.  These included offshore oil and gas, LNG, and gas processing operations.
  • EHS evaluation of upstream oil and gas operations in Gabon.
  • EHS evaluation of upstream oil and gas operations and surrounding issues in The Republic of Kazakhstan.  This included upstream operations and associated social issues including relocating affected villages.
  • EHS assessment of BP gas plant and upstream oil and gas assets in Argentina for the World Bank.
  • EHS evaluation of oil and gas assets in Ireland and the North Sea for several clients.
  • EHS assessment and transaction advice for the acquisition of oil and gas  assets being privatized in Germany.
  • On two separate projects, conducted environmental assessments of over 30 offshore drilling units.  This included jackups, semi-submersibles and drill ships, operating primarily in the Gulf of Mexico, the United Kingdom, and   Norwegian sectors of the North Sea.
  • EHS assessment of Compañia General de Combustibles S.A.’s energy related facilities in anticipation of the potential use of these facilities as collateral to obtain financing from the International Finance Corporation, a subsidiary of the World Bank. Included were oil and gas exploration and production properties previously acquired from YPF S.A. in Argentina.

Representative Manufacturing Due Diligence

  • Acquisition of Colombia Steel Tanks
  • Acquisition of Hudson
  • Acquisition of Honeywell Consumer Products
  • Acquisition of Exopak
  • Navistar/International Harvester
  • Numerous steel manufacturing assessments


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