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"Previous to and during our time preparing for separation from BP, you and other senior members of your firm provided sage council and guidance. This was particularly critical during the process you facilitated to help us define the basic philosophy and policies that would serve as the cornerstone we would use to operate as a separate entity in the market place."

Joel H. Robins
Manager, Safety,
Health, Environment &
Quality Systems

INEOS Olefins &
Polymers USA


Senior Management Alignment

Pathfinder Matrix®

One of the most critical factors in ensuring continuous improvement in a company's EHS performance is the active, visible and ongoing involvement of executive management. E.Vironment's experience over many years has repeatedly demonstrated that companies where executive management actively drives EHS are those with best-in-class performance. By the same token, our experience with a number of other companies has shown that those with EHS performance falling short of their industry peers are invariably those where there is a divergence of opinion, often not openly apparent, among executive staff as to the company's long term EHS philosophy and direction.

E.Vironment has developed and successfully demonstrated an approach to resolve such differences and ensure that a company's entire executive staff is committed to common EHS philosophies and objectives. This approach, referred to as the Pathfinder Matrix®, engages executive management in private and confidential interviews to determine individual beliefs and convictions on various aspects of EHS performance. The results of the interviews are then integrated and presented to the entire executive management team to gain consensus and support for EHS strategies that best meet the needs and convictions of the company.

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Pathfinder Matrix

The Pathfinder Matrix® has been instrumental in helping a number of leading companies define their long term EHS philosophies and objectives - including Anadarko Petroleum, Lyondell, Marathon Oil and Shell Chemical. With an executive management team that delivers a consistent and persistent message on company EHS aspirations, the most efficient approaches can be taken to make such aspirations an operational reality.

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