Who We Are

E.VIRONMENT, LLC is a management consulting firm that specializes in advising clients on those EHS issues that are an integral part of their domestic or global strategies. We have worked with virtually all of the major energy and chemical companies since the early 1980s on M&A transactions; business risk management; management systems; compliance assurance; and auditing. As a firm, and as individuals, we have a laser focus on
“fit-for-purpose” implementation.

Our operating and business backgrounds afford us a unique understanding of the EHS needs, business imperatives and economic realities that our clients face daily.

Experience Counts with SLR global environment solutions Visiting Statoilin Stavanger, Norway- Click here to view Photo Gallery

What Sets Us Apart

THE PATHFINDER MATRIX® is a system that E.Vironment has developed and successfully demonstrated as a proprietary approach to ensure that a company’s entire senior management team is committed to common EHS philosophies and objectives.

Recent Assignments


E.Vironment has Dominated Refining & Marketing Transactions Since 2009

  • Delta Airlines
  • Refinancing of CITCO for a large bank group
  • Diverstiture of Murphy Oil Refining & Marketing group
  • Acquisition due diligence of a US Northern Tier refinery
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring of a Texas refinery
  • Delek's acquisition of Lion Oil refinery
  • Acquisition of Rocky Mountain region refinery
    by a confidential client
  • Genesis Engergy's acquisition of Garco Refining
  • Valero Aruba refinery divestiture

E.Vironment Helps Keep CheckPoint™ Updated

CheckPoint Energy Audit ProtocolSince RegScan purchased the CheckPoint™ auditing system in 2010, E.Vironment has been working with RegScan to update Federal and State checklists, and to develop additional State and special coverage checklists. CheckPoint is the most comprehensive auditing tool for the upstream, downstream and chemical/petrochemical industries.

Environmental, Safety & Health Auditing Association

ESHAA - Environmental, Safety & Health Auditing AssociationE.Vironment facilitates the Environmental, Safety & Health Auditing Association (ESHAA). Since 1993, ESHAA’s Mission has been to provide a focused network to share information on EHS auditing requirements and best practices to enable continuous improvement of each member company’s ESH auditing program. E.Vironment’s Paul Pizzi established ESHAA in 1993 and served as Executive Coordinator. See the link to ESHAA’s web site at http://www.eshaa.org»